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All good

It’s been about 8 hours since I finished my wisdom tooth extraction and I’ve yet to feel anything that would be considered “painful.” There’s a slight pinch around my gums where the teeth were removed, but I haven’t needed to take any of the Oxy I was given in case of pain. I guess I got off easy, knock on wood. There’s very little swelling either, but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see for sure.

I got to keep my upper teeth, but the lower two were apparently broken in the extraction. I don’t fully understand why, I think it was because of the level of impaction, but I do intend to ask on my follow-up appointment. I did some research and this gif animation shows why I didn’t get my bottom ones back. Ouch.

For the curious:

The one with the larger root-mass-thing is the most developed, and is also the only that had started to poke through the gum. I’ve spent most of the day eating ice-cream and drinking juice/milkshakes, but I hope to be doing work tomorrow as usual.



Tomorrow I turn dumb

I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. I was initially a bit apprehensive about the whole deal, in part because I’ve never had surgery, and because it sounds painful. Now I’m just more interested in getting it over with.

On the bright side though, I do plan to eat a lot of ice cream and milkshakes. The Marble Slab (ice cream chain) in town turned two this summer, so they ran a bunch of coupons in the newspaper and mail. There’s a deal on milkshakes, and a buy-2-get-1-free deal on buckets of ice cream. The freezer is already stocked. Apparently ice cream is great because it’s not only easy to eat, but also helps to reduce swelling and in general feels good on the gums.

Anyways, I’m off to take my prescribed pre-op Ibuprofen and head to bed. I’ll blog again whenever I feel up for it.


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