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Firefly Cast

Having not watched the series or the movie before, I decided to check out Firefly last weekend. I finished the movie, Serenity, last night/this morning.

The basic premise is that the events take place in a “space-western” environment, where humans have spread off onto other planets and began to colonize them. The protagonists of the story are a group of smugglers that work from a “Firefly-class” spacecraft, hence the name of the series. Without giving too much away, there’s plenty of action and suspense in the TV series that’s ramped up even more in the movie. The worst part about it was the fact that Fox only produced one season, one movie and then canceled it.

If you haven’t watched it before, I highly recommend checking it out. I don’t normally like sci-fi (not a fan of Stargate, Star Trek etc) but Firefly is a clear exception. It did suck up most of my work time this weekend though, so be careful!



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