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All good

It’s been about 8 hours since I finished my wisdom tooth extraction and I’ve yet to feel anything that would be considered “painful.” There’s a slight pinch around my gums where the teeth were removed, but I haven’t needed to take any of the Oxy I was given in case of pain. I guess I got off easy, knock on wood. There’s very little swelling either, but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see for sure.

I got to keep my upper teeth, but the lower two were apparently broken in the extraction. I don’t fully understand why, I think it was because of the level of impaction, but I do intend to ask on my follow-up appointment. I did some research and this gif animation shows why I didn’t get my bottom ones back. Ouch.

For the curious:

The one with the larger root-mass-thing is the most developed, and is also the only that had started to poke through the gum. I’ve spent most of the day eating ice-cream and drinking juice/milkshakes, but I hope to be doing work tomorrow as usual.



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