One of the suggestions my C programming professor gave us was to try to use a command line editor to do as many assignments as possible if we weren’t already familiar with one. Given that I fall in the “never used one” category, I decided to take it a bit further and do a sort of “c program a day” using Vim via the OS X terminal. The purpose is actually two-fold; I’m also using it to learn new algorithms as each program deals with an algorithm I’ve never tried writing before.

I started on the 16th by implementing Newton’s Method for finding the roots of the function x^2 = 916; in other words, the square root of 916. Yesterday I wrote a prime number sieve, and today I wrote a MergeSort implementation. I’m getting to know Vim pretty well too, and although I still prefer using an IDE I could probably survive with command line if I had to.

With regards to Ion Engine, I’ve done a bit of work on some small items over the last few days. I haven’t had time to sit down and work for a solid block of time so progress has been rather limited. Hopefully during this week I’ll be able to work on some other larger features on my list (terrain engine in particular).



One response to “C-A-Day

  • Richard Carter

    Oo, that’s rough. I’d recommend installing MacVim and starting with that. It’s the real Vim environment, you can use all the Vim commands and it reads from your .vimrc and whatnot just like if you were to run vim from Terminal, but it has extras that make it more comfortable to use. So you can click somewhere to jump the cursor there, click and drag to select some text, cmd+C to copy (“yank” in vim terms) and cmd+V to paste, and so on. Sure it’s not “true” Vim, but it’s much easier to start with while you’re still learning commands, and then you can step back down to command-line vim once you get used to the vim versions of these things, if you feel so inclined.

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