Dabbling with Deferred

In my last post about the new rendering system, I mentioned that one of my tests involved some basic deferred rendering. I only went as far as splitting the color, position and normals into separate targets, so today I decided to actually do something with them. I looked into some basic lighting equations and wrote a new shader to combine the render output. There are still some artifacts and incorrect spots as I’m not well versed on the topic, but I’m satisfied with my progress.

I ended up including five lights in the test scene: red/magenta, blue, purple, yellow and green. I don’t have a proper lighting system in place so they were simply hardcoded. Here are the results, from the Mac client of course:

This code won’t run on the iPhone, since there isn’t MRT support on it. It is possible to run a form of deferred rendering on the device using a variant of Wolfgang Engel’s method, as pointed out to me by a developer from Supermono Studios. Their team managed to produce a pretty impressive demo of the tech; a video of it can be seen on YouTube. This is another rendering technique I’d like to try at some point, but before that I need to finish the render manager and move the code over into the iPhone build.



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