Render Manager

I started working on implementing a proper render manager today. The scene graph will handle culling and checks to make sure an object should be rendered, at which point it will submit the object to the render manager’s queue. The queue is broken into several groups, such as Sky, Terrain, Mesh, Translucent and a Post based on what the object is. The Sky group, which will contain the skybox itself and any star fields or sun objects, will always be rendered first. Terrain is rendered second, then meshes, then translucent objects and then finally any post effects are applied.

The basic setup is complete, and I’ve all my existing renderable objects over to the new system. The system is designed to be extensible and new groups can be slotted in to suit the needs of the application. To test this out, I added in support for some basic deferred-style rendering that stores depth, color and normals from the scene to a gbuffer and then displays them in the post render group:

Deferred rendering is a feature I’d like to support on capable platforms, so I’m definitely going to be working this more in the future.



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