Mac Client Good to Go!

I finished porting my engine to Mac earlier this morning. Only a small amount of work was required as most of the engine code is already platform agnostic. There were a few iOS-specific calls in the resource manager, such as use of UIImage, but changing them to OS X equivalents wasn’t a big deal. Those areas are in the bug tracker for refactoring though, especially for when the time comes to start putting out Windows versions. The other change was to use GLUT instead of the iPhone’s EAGL to actually display the OpenGL context.

To test things out, I ran an updated Server Build and connected to it with my iPhone, Mac and iPad simulator:

Running the whole simulation locally is also possible, and fully functional. Just one more screenshot for good measure, this time with the physics running on the client:

From here I plan to start working on a Windows client and server build as well. Stay tuned!



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