An OpenGL ES Adventure – Part 5

I started working on an input layer today. At the moment it’s more or less tied to the iPhone’s UIKit/UIGestureRecognizers, but eventually I plan to write a pretty robust system that will allow any input type (single tap, pan gesture, pinch, mouse click, keyboard, etc) to be mapped to a specific action in the engine. The available event types will, of course, be configured based on the target platform.

To test the initial progress on the input layer, I made some small changes to my CameraObject class to allow changes in yaw and pitch. Attached below is a short video showing these new additions, a single-tap events paired to a SceneObject:

For my next post, I hope to have some basic UI work done as well, so I can test out some of the interface ideas I posted about earlier. That’s all for now though.



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