Time Waster – Why not orange?

So I had an interesting conversation with a friend about how and why Apple selected “Apple” for its name. There are a variety of theories on the Internet, including that it was the favorite fruit of founder Steve Jobs, or that it was an allegory to “Eve eating the forbidden fruit” or something. As a random spur of the moment thing, I decided to run a random survey with the assistance of one of those “talk to strangers” type sites. I’d never used them before, only heard about them, so I did a bit of shopping around first. I ended up choosing Omegle because it allowed for text-only chat. I didn’t want to have to use video, for reasons that probably don’t need explaining.

The “survey”, if it can even be called that, took the form of starting each conversation with “Apples or Oranges?” Most of the time this got one of three answers: Apples, Oranges, or “partner has disconnected.” The results from this were:

However the real reason for this little time waster was, of course, the atypical and often humorous replies. Highlights included:

Some people enjoyed explaining the rationale behind their choice…

And lastly:

Some of the other “fruits” that were chosen: ‘mango’, ‘pumpkinz’, ‘ur mom’, ‘super-glue’, ‘butterflies’, ‘cashews’, ‘cinnamons’, ‘grapes’, and ‘jesus’.

That was a somewhat entertaining waste of time. 🙂



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