Package Design

Earlier this week I was tasked with redesigning a classic product’s packaging, as a Design & Technology project. Various ideas came to mind right away: changing a box into a pyramid, some sort of circular or spherical package, etc. Rather than simply changing a box/can/container, however, I figured that a more unique and stylized package was needed.

Enter the soup-in-a-mug. The original soup can packaging remains unchanged, however the can is placed in a glass mug which is in turned packaged in a cardboard fold. I personally don’t eat soup very often, and when I do it’s always in a bowl, but I’ve heard/read that some people do drink soup? I imagine something devoid of large bits, e.g. tomato soup, would be the best type for this sort of consumption method. I guess you could drink minestrone too. Either way, I ended up selecting Campbells’ tomato soup for my product, as it was both bit-less and met the requirement for a classic product.

The original project went something along the lines of “draw a few designs for new ways to package or present a classic product”. I initially tried this, however as I am a ‘computer guy’ with only about 1 year of art course experience in the past 12 years, it did not turn out as well as I wanted. Of course, if at first you’re unable to sketch it…Blender3D it!

The first job was to come up with a pleasant mug. I experimented with various materials and shapes, and eventually ended up making the thing with a frosted glass. The mug itself is a pretty standard shape. The handle was originally colored with a shiny chrome material, but I decided that I preferred a solid glass finish. And on that note, the initial mug render:

Mug Render

The can, of course, won’t fit in snugly. To do so would require a very tall, thin mug interior. I personally think talls mugs are damn ugly, so that idea went out the window. I guess there’s some sort of ridge or groove on the inside of the mug that supports the can, and then some foam or other compressible material around top. I don’t intend to include either in the model, however, as its just a concept.

The next step was, of course, to include a can:

Mug 2

And then the packaging to hold it all together:

mug 3

I’m not sure where I’ll go from here. I’m considering widening the diameter on the mug so its more useful for soup, however I also like that tall thing shape. Maybe an engraving on the glass?

Anyways, that’s all for now!



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