printf(“Hello, World!”);

Although I’ve had this WordPress subdomain registered for several years, my blogging habits have been relatively infrequent. A recent dose of inspiration, however, has prompted me to wipe the few posts I’d created here and begin anew. The content will be more or less the same, with the focus on practical programming, math, 3D art and various other technologically oriented topics.

No introduction is complete without some background information on the person in question! I’m a fairly proficient programmer, having been involved in some sort of programming for around five years now. My programming interests began with C++ (of course), and have since shifted to various languages. I’ve used Python extensively, dabbled in some PHP, VB, C# and ActionScript, and finally come to a resting place with Java. Not that any language is better than the others, of course; I still use both Python and C/C++ regularly.

On the 3D art side of things, I’m a diehard Blender 3D fan, no questions asked. I’ve tried various other programs, both free (Wings) and free trial (3ds Max, Maya) and still maintain that Blender is the best option. The price-point is about a good as it gets; its hard to beat 0$. The toolset, especially in the new 2.5x releases, has more or less every feature I could ever ask for. There’s no denying the common complaint that the UI has a steep learning curve, however once again the 2.5x betas show clear signs of improvement in this area. For the amateur/hobbyist artist with shallow pockets, Blender takes the cake.

And finally, a slice of personality and persona. Being a student, I’m fairly busy with academics and the like. Balancing my coursework with the rest of the things I enjoy doing is not a simple task, however its worthwhile (I like both my A+’s and my C++’s). My favorite website, other than Wikipedia of course, is xkcd, home of Randall Munroe’s witty comics. I’m an active participant on the Project Euler site, and have solved around 80 of the problems. I began with Python, reaching about problem 50, and then restarted with Java. I’m hoping to complete all 300+ some day, though I can’t help but feel that my goal will require several more years of high level math.

Before I diverge too far from the original topic, I should probably bring this post to a close. If all goes well, I hope to blog once or twice a week. I’ll see how things go, and hopefully will be able to come up with some sort of regular schedule. Stay tuned!



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